12400469_876931745757308_3888579514896942638_nAloha my name is Madison Tomsic. You can call me Madiee. I was born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona. Thats where the artist dream started. It all started at 15 with a 1977 VW bus names Opiee.  I found the shell, engine, transmission, and everything else to get the bus rolling. The bus had spent its whole life in Tuscon, Arizona. All it needed was an awesome paintjob and some love. Then it would be ready to experience the world. Senior year of highschool i finished painting the inside and outside of the bus and then I felt it was finally ready to hit the road. Once I graduated at 17, I decided to tow Opiee over to california and start the very beginning of our journey together. I spent the first year 2 years of my California life driving from festival to festival living in my van and creating art. Thats where i discovered that art mixed with travel is my ultimate passion. I began face painting and painting busses as a means of income. Then decided I needed to see more. So I moved to Hawaii and started henna tattooing people as a side job. Which inspired me to start Moondala Rags, a clothing line, all hand painted and one of a kind. Later i decided to leave island and return back to the west coast, where i focused more on my visionary art, face painting, and henna. Until i had a vision to go to Guatemala and Mexico to visit mayan cultural sites. From then on my life changed, my art transformed and i picked up my latest tool, tattooing. This led me on a magical body art journey, where i started competing in large scale body art competitions and permanentaly marking people. On this site you will find a gallery of some of my art, tattoos, paintings (some of which are available for purchase), examples of my henna and face paint, and some stories of the places ive been and the people ive met along the way. I hope to inspire and change the way we  think and live. Mahalo! <3

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