Halloween First Costume Making Adventure



So this Halloween I tried something new. It was quite the adventure completely creating my own home made costume. Back when I was a kid my mom always would make me the coolest costumes. We had a tradition of always making a cool completely home made costume and going to Rawhide this haunted cowboy ranch park and win the costume contest. (This was before it closed many years ago.) We won 3 years in a row for “The Haunted Chef”, “Black Widow Spider”, and ” Poison Ivy”. Now that I live on Maui I kept on hearing about the Lahaina Costume Contest with a $1000 prize. I decided to channel my mom and try and make an epic costume. Before I just thought I’d be an evil witch and just face paint all night on Front St. But once I was inspired I got to work and thought what better thing to be the ” CALYPSO, the DEAD MERMAID. I figured living on an island there would be hundreds of mermaids walking around……. but how many dead ones?

I searched all over Maui for the perfect materials to create my outfit. I found a black super tight long skirt at savers for $5.  I painted my skirt to look like a skeleton tail. Found an awesome bone wing when turned the right direction and put on my skirt looked like a tail fin, that was $9 at savers.  Then i got glittery irredescent fabric and pins at a fabric store, $18 for the fabric, $4 for the pins. Used latex , tape, wire, and pantyhose to make the fins for my face. $6 for the panty hose, and had the latex. Painted my bra and glued these awesome gold leaves on it and skeleton hands that had pantyhose on them to look like fins. $5 bra at savers, had the pantyhose, $18 for the skeleton hands, $4 for the gold leaves. Then lastly I painted my whole body from the waste up to look like a skeleton. $ FREE $ .By the end of the night i was pretty smudged as it was one of the most humid days here in Lahaina in a few months! The last few face photos you can see where it became smudged/blurred.

So in the end my costume cost me $69.

Although I did not win the contest this year I am completely inspired now to start creating FULL ON COSTUMES. So get stoked because the FX make-up is just starting and i cant wait to get freaky, funky, and sci with it from here on out!

IMG_8157 IMG_8187 IMG_8184 IMG_8183 IMG_8169 IMG_8176 IMG_8161

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