Surfing Purple Haze

Newest Surfboard Paintjob

My newest creation among the board collection is this Jimi Hendrix “Purple Haze” painting. I used acrylics, boardstix, spraypaint, and resin. This board is a matching set to my painted Liquid Force kiteboard. This peice features the great Jimi Hendrix as seen through my eyes. I gave him a plumeria flower to pay respect to the aina, Maui, from which I live and prosper. Behind him is the universe, because all the celestial beings that are inspired by him, all becoming stars of their own in his honor. To the left of the smoke is an aboriginal inspired mosaic showing the ascension of his soul. Aligning with the chakras at the top is the shooting star, Jimi’s light soaring through the universe spreading light and creativity leaving an imprint on many. He left his mark on my heart.

I painted this board originally in 2011 my Junior year in high school but picked it up 1 week ago to vamp it up to the standard i hold myself today. My new style of art.  I hope you enjoy.

Will be doing a mini art show this Friday by my work in Lahaina, Maui at Christopher Egan Galleries. Feel free to come by and take a glance at what I’ve been working on.


Close Up on Newest Surfboard

A detail shot of the aboriginal inspired mosaic mandala.

Progress on the surfboard

A progress shot.


Progress Shot with glimpse of original.

Original Painting

Original Painting from 2011 Junior year of high school.


Matching Kiteboard.

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