New Years Layers Off

Yay for trying new things. Hello world! This is my very first blog post.  I figure I will start off by writing about some of the epic adventures that this year held.

How about the very first day of the year. New years 2015. Started off in ,what we thought would be, sunny San Clemente however it decided to snow! What a sight to see, SoCal in a light blanket of white!  A few friends and I were making a trek out to what we thought would be a beautiful warm-ish desert location for a party. We arrive to an awesome lakeside location……….. equally covered in snow…. and freezing! 😀 The night starts out fun with some bass music and a fun crew.  As the evening goes on the music gets louder and the crew gets more hyped. My friends and I start getting DOWWWWN and clothes start coming off. Before you know it we look like we could be beach loungin’ with short sleeves and tights.  A man walks up to my friends and I……..the dj that was just spinning, he turns to my friend and says “You guys are the best! Layers off crew!”

Thats when it was born….. we are LAYERS OFF CREW. 😀

The sun rose and then we were off to another desert location to boogie for a few more nights.  A day in the life of a desert rat.

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